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My family and I greatly appreciate your cooperative and very helpful actions regarding my wife and our coverage. As you probably know you enjoy an outstanding reputation with many professionals in this community and we also hold in the highest regard.

George E. Campsen, Jr.
Mt. Pleasant, SC

On behalf of the South Carolina Chapter of NAELA, I want to thank you for your enjoyable and informative presentation at our 2012 retreat. It was great to see you again.

Staying on top of issues affecting the elderly and disabled is a challenge and it can only be done when others are willing to share their experience and expertise. We are so appreciative of the time and energy which you graciously contributed to help us better serve our clients and our communities.

Thank you and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Franchelle C. Millender, SC National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc

On behalf of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of South Carolina Beaufort, please accept our thanks for contributing your time and Talents as an instructor during our Fall semester. Your course was brilliant, well attended and received stellar reviews.

Andrea Sisino, Director Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Beaufort, SC

The expertise you display in your field is reassuring and your personality and presentations are pleasing making decisions less difficult. It is wonderful to know that my possible future long term care needs are covered through the long term care plan. Knowing that these needs are covered with insurance gives me financial freedom to enjoy, without guilt or regret, that which I have set aside for my future.

Ootsie Darby
Mt. Pleasant, SC

As a single parent, I feel very relieved knowing that my children will not be called upon to take care of me if anything untoward should occur. Having dealt with my own mother in such circumstances, I understand what a tremenedous gift I’m giving my children by planning and making arrangements for myself! Thanks, Barbara.

Ada Arthur
Grand Island, FL

I am so grateful for a plan to help with the financial part of healthcare I might need someday. I do not want to burden my children or upset their homelife. I love them too much.

Barbara D. Cox
Mt. Pleasant, SC

I feel much more at ease now that Barbara Franklin has provided information about long term health insurance. She has explained the policy in detail, answered all questions and was well informed on the subject. She made the extra effort to obtain information about rates in the area where I might be living should I ever require long term care away from my present home.

Edith Burton
Manchester, CT

Kirk seemed to really listen to us. We had talked to others regarding long-term care but in the end it was Kirk who showed us the most options and ultimately designed a plan based upon our specific needs. We couldn’t be happier with our decision and working with your company.

Lowell and Barbara Epstein
Charleston, SC

The reality of life is, that is we live- “it” will someday happen to us. Being prepared can give us much peace of mind.

Mayna E. Cosby
N. Charleston, SC

This give me the security of knowing that I have someone to take care of me – especially since I am alone!

Elizabeth B. Rumpel
Charleston, SC

This gives me the “inner peace” of knowing tha I iwill not have to give up all that we have worked so hard to get and we will not be at the mercy of our children and other family members and friends.

Glady G. Sims
Charleston, SC

I believe that I need to purchase a long term care insurance that will provide the funds for the necessary long term care that I may need in the future. This will protect me and prevent my family from the heartache and pain of having to obtain the necessary funds when needed.

Betty Thompson
Charleston, SC

My and husband, Fred, thought of me when he made “money” decisions. He has now preceded me in death, very unexpectedly. Now I must be thoughtful about “money”. My extended care policy is my assurance that I am a good carekeeper of Fred’s hard work. I will not have to be impoverished and there will be something left for our two sons. I am making decisions so they don’t have to regarding my health care.

Martha Mizell
Charleston, SC

I kept my mother for eight years and have helped with my step-father, father-9n-law and an aunt. It would have evben a great relief to have had another alternative. I don’t want to burden my family

Shirley W. Sergent
Summerville, SC

I don’t want to be a burden to my relatives or my friends if I could not takek care of myself. This insurance policy will relieve me of that worry.

Minnie Engelberg
Charleston, SC

The awareness of my neighbors problem in a long term type of care situation, their absolute confinement created by this problem, plus my own concern not to become a burden to my family have prompted me to investigate a long term health care type of insurance.

Connie Wyman
Charleston, SC

I worried about being a burden to my children and feel very relieved that I will have nursing care if necessary that is adequate and that I can pay for.

Sylvia Savitz
Columbia, SC

My greatest fear is to have to be a burden to my children. This will relieve me and I’m sure, them , of that worry.

Anne Burnham
James Island, SC

My mother has ben ini a nursing home for the past seven years. Fortunately for her I am a widow with grown children so I can give her care supervision. I know the problems and mostly the costs of such care. I now have the peace of min d that my sons and grandchildren will not have to make sacrifices for my care, no matter how long I may live!

Helen Tucker – Charleston, SC

This is good insurance in helping you at a time when your resources might run out…also for the peace of mind when the world is so uncertain.

Dea Murray – Charleston, SC

I was thrilled to find that thre is a place to turn for help with insurance to cover nursing homes. My mother has for several year worried about this and now our family – nor my mother – will have to worry for her care in the future if needed.

Barbara Lassiter – Charleston, SC

After an experience with my husband when an insurance company returned our monies and cancelled his coverage – and his ensuing entry into a nursing home, I am fully aware of its hardships or out of pocket payment. Therefore, when I met Barbara Franklin I could feel a lifting of worry and knew I would seek the coverage for myself. Our income will always take care of my husband’s care, but left none for ome. I will not burden our children, and now I know I will not have to. This certainly removes worry from my existence.

Kathryn M. Manning – Charleston, SC

As a single woman with no children and no brothers and sisters, long term care insurance makes my future more secure.

Dru Berkhan – Charleston, SC

Our primary reason for applying for long term care insurance is that we do not want to be a burden on our son and hopefully can keep our investment principal in tact.

Ethel and Adrien Kremer
Charleston, SC

I feel that long term care insurance is necessary for peace of mind and a warranty that I can leave my children their inheritance.

Grace Claiborne
Summerville, SC

I feel today that I’m looking after myself as well as my family. It makes me feel good now that if anything drastic happens to me that I’ll be taken care of and my family will be happier to see that I’m being looked after….maybe thie will give them peace of mind and their visits will be much more happier.

Agnes McNeill
N. Charleston, SC

I have subscribed to long term care insurance for the following reasons – not necessarily in the order of priority:
– I have no close living relatives
– I enjoy doing everything first class
– I want to always be Master of my fate!

Josephine L. Nichols
Columbia, SC

The reasons for taking out this insurance is for the peace of mind it gives plus it will make it easier on the wife and/or executor in the event I become unable to perform as I have in the past.

Wallace Jack Fesler
Charleston, SC

I am very pleased with my insurance program. Having a mother who is in a nursing home makes me more aware of how important it is to have long term care insurance. This makes it possible for me to have care if iand when I may need it without putting a burden on my children.

Zelma Esclavon
Charleston, SC

I am so pleased that this coverage was available to help me with long term care.
It was such a comfort to learn that my husband, Harold, had written for information about this plan and that was very important to him to know that in my last years I would be well taken care of. I am very pleased with all the aspects of the coverage and will recommend it to my friends. Mrs. Barbara Franklin has been very kind and informative throughout all our conferences. I highly recommend her.

Lois Petterson
Charleston, SC

“Roll on old age”….I’m ready for you! By having this policy I do feel more comfortable about care for the future. Being independent most of my life, I iwould like it to continue to the grave. Thank you, Barbara, for assisting me with this decision.

Robbie Tye
Charleston, SC

I appreciate your help with these important decisions. Thank you for your patience and understanding of our situation.

Anne Johnson Allison
Charleston, SC

Barbara, Thank you for your assistance and advice for our “nursing home insurance”. This gives me a certain “peace of mind” because I saw with my mother how fast one’s savings can go. Of course, I hope we never use it, but I certainly appreciate having it.

Virginia Nell House
N. Charleston, SC

Barbara – Thank you so much for your help in assisting me with long term care insurance. Having had much experience with a nursing home with my Mom for two years, it really helped me to have the opportunity to see your policy. It’s a wonderful feeling and peace of mind to know that you have this problem solved so that my family can have peace of mind and won’t have this to do later in life. I appreciate all your kindness and patience in recommending this to me.

Helen C. Dengate
Charleston, SC

Just about two years ago I was faced with the unpleasant task of having to place my Mother at the age of 90 in a nursing home as she could no longer live alone. Up until that time she had lived alone. She did not want to live with anyone or have anyone stay with her 24 hours a day. She is in a very nice nursing home to this day and is happy. She is in Connecticut and I do get up to visit as often as I can. I am so thankful my husband heard about this type of insurance and that we were able to get it. I know now that our uchildren will not have to face the problems we had with Mother.

Gloria Walker
Folly Beach, SC

Barbara – You are a delightful person and your knowledge is great! Hopefully I will not need this policy but I’m happy to be prepaid for my “old” age. Keep in touch!

Kathryn B. Leinbach
James Island, SC

Barbara – I decided to get long term care insurance when my mother became ill and we children had tyo take turns taking care of her. Fortunately there was 6 of us to take turns. We didn’t mind doing this but I didn’t want my child to ever have to go through this.

Mary Crowley
N. Charleston, SC

I desire to protect myself against financial disaster. I have a sister who will be going to a nursing home so I have been exposed to cost of same. Barbara has been very helpful and she is very knowledgeable about this type of coverage.

Sara C. Jolley
Charleston, SC

The South Carolina State Retirement System opened my eyes to the fact that Long term care coverage is now available. After a bit of thought and investigation, I realized that my funds would not completely cover nursing home care and give the quality of life that I have been accustomed to. I could not bear the thought of my children picking up the tab so I purchased a portion of what should take care of me.

Catherine C. Bunch
Johns Island, SC

Mrs. Franklin gave us a very clear explanation of the long term care coverage. She has an excellent understanding of the needs of older people and was very helpful in our selection of policies suited to our needs. She made us feel that she really care about us.

Margaret M. Rugheimer
Charleston, SC

You convinced us that long term care policies are the best form of health security which we can obtain. Now we won’t have to worry about our future health coverage and can use our money to enjoy ourselves. Your visit to our church group enabled us to solve problems which we could not do on our own. Thank you for your kindness during your visits to us.

Helen and Margaret Siemers
Columbia, SC

Having experienced the need for nursing home care among members of my own family and friends, I am anxious to be prepared should I find myself in need of these services. It is hard to believe how expensive this kind of care is. I’m happy to be able to get this kind of coverage so that I will not have to be a burden to my family. I’m fortunate to have a loving and caring family and I would not like to impose upon them. Barbara, I appreciate all the time and effort you have givent o make this coverage available for me and other.

Lib Sweat
Walterboro, SC

I feel that a weight has lifted off my shoulders and that I will not become a burden to my children. Hopefully they will see it as a great gift!

Millie Taylor
James Island, SC

I appreciate the kinds of thoughtfulness of Barbara Franklin. The insurance coverage she offered is the best that I have investigated.

Amanda A. Smith
Walterboro, SC

We feel that this insurance is a “necessary evil”. We don’t plan to use it, but you never know.

Ethel and Walter David
Johns Island, SC

I feel that this insurance will really give me peace of mind and also my family. It’s nice to have but I sure do hope that I never need it.

Wrilla Childree
Summerville, SC

Barbara – George and I want to thank you for helping us to secure ourselves for the future. After the details of the plan were worked out, we felt relief in knowing that we are not going to be a burden on our children. This plan has enabled us to make the decision that if nursing care is needed it is available to us. Our children will not have to decide about placing us in a nursing home – no guilt feelings will be there and funds are provided. It was a pleasure to work with you. We feel as though we have made a friend. Many thanks!

Sylvia and George Greene
Charleston, SC

As a nurse who has served as a Director of Nursing in long term care for the last nine years, I feel this insurance is the nicest thing I do for myself. I know from first-hand experience the spiraling cost of long term care and the effect that it has on the individual and their families. I am thankful that this will enable my child to give me his love and support without the financial burden.

Jan Carter
Charleston, SC

It was such a pleasure meeting you and it is such a relief to know that we have this long term care insurance and will give my children relief knowing that we have it.

Catherine Ruus
Charleston, SC

Barbara – Your soothing voice, your willingness to listen, your understanding of my situation and your patience gave me the confidence I needed to make my decision to purchase a long term care policy for myself. I just wish my Billy could have had the same opportunity. Thank kyou for caring and sharing your knowledge with me.

Georgie Reilly
Charleston, SC

You have been very helpful in helping me select long term health care. Hopefully I’ll never need to use it. It will provide me with peace of mind, though, knowing it is there is needed. Having no children or relatives close by, I feel this type of insurance is a must. You have explained every item fully and I thank you.

Virginia M. Arey
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Barbara – Thank you so much for coming by and presenting the long term care plan to us. It is wonderful to be able to have this peace of mind – for uys and for your children as well. You are in the right business for you know how to make a person feel comfortable in makien a decision.

Elizabeth K. Hammonds
Rock Hill, SC

Barbara – I have appreciated getting to know you as a caring, interested person – not a sales person! Your interest in our lives and concern for our future is valuable. Hopefully, we will never have to use my policy but I feel a sense of security and peace of mind in that my family will have this provision in the event it is needed. I am sorry we did not have this available in time for my husband to benefit from it.

Mary Connor
Charleston, SC

Thank you for your personal interest in my and my husband’s long term care needs. We now feel much happier and secure knowing we have our nursing home needs taken care of for the future if ever required.

Elizabeth A. Hill
Summerville, SC

We have been truly privileged to have you introduce us to the concept of long term care insurance. The hours we spent together descusinng this coverage have completed opened new avenues of peace of mind for such care should either of us need it in the future. This is invaluable to a healthy, wholesome attitude toward life, we believe. We feel we have gained another fine friend and we thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Hopefully we will NOT need this but knowing we have it should we need it is a real source of joy.

Harry and Ruth Weaver
Charleston, SC

Barbara – I appreciate very much your patience, explaining everything to me. You have been very thorough and helpful and understanding.

Gertrude Appleby
Charleston, SC

Barbara – It has been a joy to know you and I hope we can (will) stay in touch. Thank you for your excellent presentation and for helping me to “shore up” my insurance situation. I feel very good about the choices I have made based on your advice and guidance. Our times together have been pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you for that!

Margaret Brice
Charleston, SC

We have a wonderful feeling of security knowing that we have long term care insurance should we need care. I’m sure our children when we tell them will have great peace of mind also. Thank you for presenting the insurance benefits to us. You really know what the companies offer and you present it in such a way that it is easy to understand! Good luck always!

Margaret and Calvin McNeill
Charleston, SC

Barbara – Thank you so much for being so helpful with my long term care policy. I feel very relieved now that I’ve joined up. You were terrific in presenting everything!

Jeanette Fritz
Charleston, SC

Barbara – It’s good for me to have this coverage – especially now since I have just turned 56 – a significant year since my mother died at 55 – and I just got word this week that an uncle died at 84 – the last of my mother’s generation. Also I have no children so must provide for my own disability/old age – in the future.

Gayle Newcomb
James Island, SC

Barbara – You have really “made my day” and my future life. It is so comforting
to have this policy and you have really impressed me with your manner and your knowledge. I will always feel secure now having this policy plus having you as a new friend.

Mickey Batten
Charleston, SC

Because I am a widow with no dependents, this insurance is a God-send for me. I now am free of worry and concern that any of my family members would have to care for me if disabled and that my resources will not be drained to care for me. It is a tremendous relief to have this coverage. Also, Barbara, it has been such a delight to work with you. Thank you for all your help!

Anne Evans
Sullivans Island, SC

Thank you for introducing me to long term care insurance. Now I can feel secure about my future. I know how important it is to have this insurance beacuase I had the experience of long term care with my aunt who as in a nursing facility for over two years. She didn’t have the insurance so it left us drained. With this insurance I know that I will be taken care of when and if it becomes necessary.

Betty Walker
Charleston, SC

We are very pleased with our decision to obtain long term care insurance. It is our judgement that Barbara Franklin has been very thorough and helpful in attracting our attention to the need for insurance and in leading us to a decision. We are confident that Barbara will continue to support us and advise us as needed in the future.

Irvin Keith Heyward
Charleston, SC

Thank you very much for coming to our home and explaining the long term care insurance. As we both are very independent and don’t want to rely on anyone, this is a load of pressure off our shoulders. Thank you.

Sherman and Mae Chappell
N. Charleston, SC

I want to take this time to express my thanks for your care and time in setting me up for the “rest of my life”. You are a special person and I hope you will continue to make others like myself feel safe.

Barbara Moody
Charleston, SC

It has been a pleasure working with Barbara. My children feel very comforted to know of this coverage for me. My son, especially, had talked with her while he was here with me and is pleased with the program. The update of the coverage is especially fine. I know that I can call on Barbara if I need her help. Being aone, with children scattered, it is good to have a friend I can call on when the need arises.

Helen C. Schatz
James Island, SC

Somehow the words on a page do not seem enough to express the feeling of comfort from dealing with Barbara Franklin and knowing the details in our policy and a horizon that allows our loving supuportive family to know how much we do think of the future. Our love for our family is one sincere reason to truly consider our signing a policy that says “OK World – we are ahead of THAT emergency”!!
Truly delightful personality with much understanding – yes, that’s Barbara Franklin.

Al and Doris Browder
Charleston, SC

What a pleasure to know you ….your professionalism, your charm and your patience have been an inspiration to me. Thank you.
Hopefully our paths will cross frequently and not because of claims!
Count on me to “pass the word”. I do so think the program is an outstanding one.

Elizabeth T. Jones
Mt. Pleasant, SC

I would never have believe one could be retired and stay so busy as I have for almost 2 years now. I wanted to write to thank you for the time you spent last Spring to provide me with information and answer all my questions to help me decide to select long term insurance. It certainly does help one to have piece of mind, which makes each day enjoyable and less to worry about. Thanks so very much!

Bonnie Walker
James Island, SC

Thank you for all your help. It is good to feel I have control over my health care.

Betty Tammenga
Charleston, SC

I am so glad that I became aware that long term care is available and that I have the good fortune to be put in touch with you. I hope that I will never need long term care, but if I do, I know that it will be available for me without causing financial hardship for my children. I love them too much to burden them with this. Thank you for your kindness and great patience.

Margaret M. Shuman
Sullivans Island, SC

Because of family background I can really appreciate long terem care. I have had an aunt and a mother-in-law in the nursing home and I know how expensive nursing home care is and this is a big relief to me to have this coverage on my husband and myself

Iris Burke
Walterboro, SC

I know this is about one of the best things I can do for myself. Why? Because my husband now has Alzheimer’s and I realize how important it is to be prepared for life’s unexpected surprises. It’s just like having money in the bank. You might never use it but it’s there when and if you need it. And what a terrific salesperson Barbara is….enjoyed doing business with her.

Marcella Holman
Charleston, SC

Meeting and talking with Barbara about long term care has been a blessing to me. After much discussion back and forth with her and my children we feel that this is a good step in the right direction for my future peace of mind. Barbara does a good job making sure you have exactly what’s best for you as an individual

Anna B. Tolbert
Charleston, SC

Having found you and this very good long term care plan has given me a peace of mind I have been looking for. I do so want to cover as many bases as possible to keep the burden of my care off of my children. Thank for coming to my rescue.

Agatha Mueller Thomas
Sullivan’s Island, SC

I am so glad I have long term care insurance. It is a great comfort to know that I will have skilled nursing care if I become unable to continue the life to which I have accustomed and which I have been fortunate enough to be able to maintain for so many years. Hopefully, I will be able to maintain good health for many more years too.

Kate Phillips
Charleston, SC

The main reason I was happy to get long term care covderage is because I have no family other than my husband to be my caregiver when I might need care, especially since my husband is 11 years olds than I am. Also, his children are all out of town, and if he needs nursing home care when I cannot be the caregiver any longer, he is protected. I especially liked the fact that we were able to get unlimited coverage.

Maryanne E. Grube
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Having had the experience of placing my Mom in a nursing home and not having insurance coverage, it was a hardship on all family members. Knowing I will have coverage to care for me gives me a sincere feeling of being independent and not being a problem for our family members.

Rosalie G. Force
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Harold and I are so pleased with the way Barbara Franklin present the long term care program to us. Hopefully we will never need it but such a comfort to have it. Barbara – you are such a sincere caring person. We do appreciate your understanding of the problems of older persons. Thanks again for your friendship.

Esther J. Lindenberg
Ladson, SC

As a Professional Staffing Assistant in a Personnel agency, I feel I have made a good decision to apply for long term care insurance. Barbara has been a great support person over the years. I am thankful that this will enable my child and family to give me love and support without the financial burden.

Merle Kestler
Charleston, SC

When Ms. Franklin came to our home to tell us about long term care insurance we were impressed with her knowledge about the plans. We had talked to other agents and they were unsure about many of the provisions and had to make several calls to their office for information. This made us feel that perhaps some of their information was not valid. Ms. Franklin was able to answer all of our questions and gave us additional information that enabled us to decide for ourselves which plan best suited our needs. Her main interest seemed to be “our needs” rather than her need to make a sale. We appreciate her professional ability and her kindness.

Harold and Patricia Chassereau
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Thank you, Barbara, so very much for your knowledge and efforts and your kindness to Ann and I both. You have helped greatly in putting our minds at ease. We now feel much better about growing older knowing that we have made advance arrangements for the expensive long term health care needs. During our lifetime, we have experienced many of our senior family and friend become ill resulting in hardships for them and family members. We want to reduce these kinds of hardships and we never want our children to ever go through these kinds of problems. You are doing a wonderful service. Thank you.

Bill Dempsey
Charleston, SC

I advocate on a daily basis long term care planning. As a previous Director of Operations for the largest post-acute provider in the country, it always amazed me (and still does) that very little is seen in the area of Long Term Care insurance for reimbursement for care. I felt that I should not only “practice what I preach” but also to do it for me, my family and to the addition to my long term plan. I feel as if I have made a positive step toward controlling my own destiny and that isn’t something we can always make happen. It isn’t the cure-all answer, but certainly helps to ease the burden. I thank Barbara Franklin and Franklin Associates for their expertise and friendship during this painless process!

Carole Campbell, RN, CCM, LNHA
Charleston, SC